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FAQ (Tests)

Answers for common questions regarding tests and test processes

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When will I get another invitation for a test?

Normally you get invitations several times a week. You get notified about each of them via email.

How do I get more invitations?

Adding all your physical devices and all spoken languages to your tester profile increases the chances that you match a test. In addition to that, make sure to submit good reports and to reduce the number of bug report rejections and dispute rejections to the best of your abilities. Good testers will receive more invitations as well as invitations to special tasks with increased payouts (if available).

The test runtime is either already over or all seats have been taken by other testers. In the latter case, please react to email notifications promptly to increase your chances of testing. If you check emails on the go, make sure to set your inbox notifications to “Push”, otherwise you will receive test invitations later than they were sent to you.

What happens if I don’t participate in a test run even though I accepted the invitation?

It is important to us that you actively test when you accept a test invitation. If you are not active for a few hours (e. g. you don’t submit any bug reports or reproductions), you might get excluded from the test, so that another tester gets the possibility to test. If you know you won’t be able to test but already accepted the invitation, please leave the test. You can find the "Exit" button on the test overview page, in the right tab, at the very bottom. This will enable other fellow testers to take a chance to test.

How can I stop getting email notifications for new tests?

You can deactivate email notifications for new tests under Settings in your tester profile. While we will not send you any further emails for new tests, you will still be able to see them on your tester dashboard.

I have a different question or feedback!

You can’t find the answer to your question? Please contact us via the support chat. And if you have an idea how we can improve the Test IO platform, please read How to deliver feedback? article.

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