How to deliver feedback?

What should I do if I have an idea how to improve the platform and how to make sure it gets implemented?

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If you have an idea how we can improve the Test IO platform and your life as a tester, e.g. changes to your Tester Interface, the introduction of new features and practices, etc., we will be very happy to hear and consider it. Therefore, we have created a designated place where you can post your feature requests - Go to the Feature Request Board.

Here you can not only post your own feedback and improvement ideas but also see the requests posted by other testers, leave comments, and upvote the ideas you would like to support as well.

How to make sure your idea gets implemented?

We will consider all of your ideas and requests, but not all of them will be implemented. There are a number of ways how you can increase the chances of your idea being moved forward.

1. Structure your suggestion in a clear way.

Structuring your idea and presenting it in a clear way will help us and other testers understand your proposal better and the reasons behind why you think it is important. Therefore, we suggest the following structure for your Feature Requests:


Please describe the problem you are facing that you are trying to solve with the proposed feature. This part of your feature request is very important as understanding the problem and its effect on the users is the first step to finding a suitable solution. Please provide all the necessary context and as many details as possible (e.g. what is the current workaround, how often you face it, how disruptive the current situation is, etc.).


In this section, please describe your solution to the problem you've described above. Try to include as many details as possible and think of edge cases and the impact of your idea on different aspects of your work on the platform.

2. Promote your idea, collect upvotes and comments!

The more upvotes and comments your proposal has, the more likely we are to consider it sooner! The top feature requests are guaranteed to be carefully reviewed and considered for implementation.

3. Before you submit your feature request, please search for the keywords to make sure it hasn't been submitted before.

To make sure that your idea hasn't been considered before, please use the search function.

Note that Complete and Closed requests can only be found through the search function.

Review process

Once you submit your feature request, your suggestion can have the following statuses:

  • Open - it hasn't been reviewed yet by our team

  • Under Review - the team is reviewing your proposal. At this stage, we might have questions, so make sure to provide clarifications if needed.

  • Planned - your proposal has been accepted but the implementation hasn't started.

  • In Progress - we are working on bringing your idea to life!

  • Complete - your idea has been implemented.

  • Closed - after careful consideration, your idea cannot be implemented. In this case, we will provide a detailed explanation.

We are reviewing your ideas on a regular basis. However, due to a large number of feature requests, this process can take longer, so we are kindly asking you to be patient.

Even if your idea has been accepted but not implemented yet, it doesn't mean that we forgot about it or that we are simply ignoring it. Sometimes, the focus of the Community team's work and the company goals overall are on different topics and our resources are limited. However, we will come back to your idea in one of the next cycles.

What to do if your request has been closed?

If after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that your proposal cannot be implemented, we will provide a comment explaining why it is not possible or doesn't make sense to move forward with your proposal.

What you can do in this case:

  • First of all, take a breath. Then carefully read our explanation and try to understand our point of view.

  • Take a break and focus on other topics. The chances are the issue will not stay relevant for you in a couple of months. We are constantly introducing new features and updates that can change your workflow.

  • In case your described problem is still a big issue for the Community members after some time, you can submit your feature request again. This time, please include more details, consider our comments and reasonings and explain why it is still an issue for you.

  • Promote your feature request, get upvotes from other Community members!

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