Usability Suggestions

Usability Suggestions are only available if the customer has selected them in the test setup.

Your feedback should relate to the usability of the app or website in the sense of improvements to existing features and functions.

Positive Examples:

  • It would be useful to have the option to sort by location as a user will often be interested in the closest store and not only in a sorting by name.
  • Having mandatory fields marked in some way would improve the user experience and reduce frustration.

Negative Examples (if not instructed otherwise):

  • Change the background to blue.
  • Provide more filter options (without providing details or justification)

Things to consider:

  • Try to think about cost/usage – is it worth it to implement your usability suggestion for the majority of users for this website/app?
  • Does your suggestion provide a real and substantial improvement to the user experience.
  • Everything with design and color is typically NOT usability relevant.
  • Legal advice and security-related advice are NOT valid usability suggestions.
  • You should always justify why your suggestion would improve the platform!