Functional Bugs

Functional bugs are related to functionality. If a button doesn’t work, if the search doesn’t react to the user input, if an app crashes, or if a product detail page isn’t properly displayed – it’s a functional issue. Every time you click and the website/app doesn’t respond as it should, it’s probably a functional issue.

If there are elements out of place or pictures with bad quality, it is not a functional bug.

Functional bugs have three priorities:

Low: Minimal impact on user experience

High: Serious impact on user experience, but doesn’t prevent the function of the app or website.

Critical: Preventing a function of the app or website, Causes a potential loss of income for the company running the app or website. e.g. an app crash.

App Crash:
Critical issues like crashes etc. should contain crash logs as part of the documentation.

Edge Cases:
Edge case bugs are never critical, even if they are crashes.
An edge case would be anything that does not reflect typical user behavior. A good example would be repeatedly opening and closing menus. Basically, every bug that is forced is an edge case.

Application blocked by SmartFilter / Virus scanner
If the execution of an app is blocked by a smartFilter or by a virus scanner, this is no bug. Especially if it is a staging environment or a beta version of an app.


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