Bug Dispute

A bug was rejected or downgraded even though it was appropriate and well documented?

You can open an Bug dispute on a unfair rejection directly within out platform. To do so follow those simple steps.

  • Find the rejected or downgraded bug
  • Go into the details
  • Scroll down to “Open dispute”

  • Click open dispute
  • Type in the message to the dispute manager why you think this decision should be disputed

  • Submit your dispute

If you are not allowed to submit a dispute the dispute button will not be available. This can have several reasons.

  • Bug type doesn’t support disputes
  • You are blocked for the dispute in the current month

Bug Dispute rules:

  • Your Dispute ticket has to be handed in within 72 hours.
  • The Dispute decision is final and won’t be reviewed again.
  • Please keep your request short but as detailed as needed.
  • If you submit more than 4 Bug Disputes in one month, 60% of them must get accepted, otherwise you are not allowed to submit any Bug Dispute in the following month.