Creating screencasts

You’re free to choose any tool you want to use to create screencasts. It’s important, that you provide a .mp4 video with appropriate quality (resolution and presentation).
Recent browsers should be able to play your video.

Your screencast should only show the reported bug +/- 10 seconds – try to avoid screencasts that are longer than 1 minute. You should have the sounds switched off unless required for the report.

Suggested tools for desktops

Screencast-O-Matic (free)logo_dark_large

  • Videos can be created as .mp4 files
  • Up to 15 minutes per video
  • Good video quality
  • Windows & Mac OS
  • Optional upgrade with more functions

Open Broadcaster Software (free)

  • All features accessible for free
  • Windows & Mac OS

Find a video tutorial here:

Suggested tools for mobile devices

AirServer (ca. 15 USD)airserver-logo

  • Videos can be created as .mp4 files
  • High video quality, but big files
  • Windows & Mac OS
  • Find tutorials on YouTube
  • All operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS)

Reflector App (ca. 15 USD)reflector-icon.png

  • Videos can be created as .mp4 files
  • Useful functions
  • Easy handling
  • Find tutorials on YouTube
  • All operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS)

Mobizen (free, Android only)unnamed

  • Free
  • Android only
  • A bit complex to set up for the first time

Alternative: Record your bug with a second device or extra camera! 🙂

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  1. Is there a password for temporary premium accounts for screen-o-matic? I remember having seen it somewhere…


    1. Hi,

      there was but unfortunately we’re out of licenses.

      But you don’t necessarily need the premium version.

      Kind regards,

      A. Niemeier

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