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For the title of the accessibility report, please follow the following rules:

Your bug title must meet the following format depending on the failed success criteria, accessibility level (A or AA) and the page you are testing.
Format: ([A] [WCAG Success criteria] <Page name>: <bug title>):

Level A issues

Level AA issues

[A] [1.1.1] Home, Login: <bug title>

[AA] [1.3.4] Home: <bug title>

[A] [1.4.2] Order: <bug title>

[AA] [1.4.3] Login: <bug title>

The placeholder must be replaced with a description of your bug that you would use for regular bug reports. For example:

  • [A][1.1.1] Search: The meaningful image doesn't have alt attribute

Here are examples of bug titles for the most common accessibility problems. Feel free to use and adjust them for your purposes:

  • [A][4.1.2]Home: Sign-out link announced without a role

  • [A][2.4.3]Feedback: The focus is not placed on the input field

  • [A][2.4.2]General: Page title is not unique and descriptive

  • [A][2.1.2]Add post: There is a keyboard trap on the page

  • [AA][2.4.7]Login: Focus outline is not visible for tester link below Sign-in button

  • [AA][1.4.3]Chat: The contrast ratio is failed for text light grey on white(#87A9BF to #FFFFFF)

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