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Signup Bug Mystery – How to Spot the Imposter Email?

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LEVEL UP Your Reporting

Get ready to dig into this bug mystery! We’ll find out everything there is to know, from the title to the results and beyond. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s get started!

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Bug Type:

Low Functional Bug.


Invalid email is accepted in the ❝Email❞ box on the registration page



  1. Click ❝My Account❞ tab at the header

  2. Click ❝Register Now❞ button

  3. Enter invalid email [email protected] in the ❝Email❞ field

  4. Click outside of the ❝Email❞ field

  5. Enter invalid email de123@£ in the ❝Email❞ field

  6. Click outside of the ❝Email❞ field

Actual result:

The ❝Email❞ field is ticked with green tick mark and error message about invalid email isn't shown below ❝Email❞ field on the registration page after entering invalid email (with pound symbol at the beginning of domain) in the ❝Email❞ field and clicking outside.

Expected result:

Relevant error message ❝This value should be a valid email❞ is shown below the ❝Email❞ box on the sign up page after entering invalid email (with pound symbol at the beginning of domain) in the ❝Email❞ box and clicking outside, the same as it was with other invalid email in the steps 4-5.

Rule of Thumb:

  • A bug report title should be descriptive, not instructional. Focus on describing the bug instead of what the user does on the website.

  • The title should not have information already collected by the bug form, like the feature selected, the testing device or the browser used. Unless the issue is only presented on one specific browser or if the customer requested to specify the OS/Browser combo in the title, like [Win10/Chrome].

  • The actual and expected results start with describing the problem encountered or the anticipated behaviour. Refrain from summarising the title or steps as they were previously mentioned.

Practical task for you:

Pick one of our #BugsExplained shorts and identify the seven sections above.

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