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You should never do this on test cycles and how to avoid this simple content bug that is never in scope!

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Test IO Content Bugs

This week’s newsletter addresses a most often overseen section in our Content Bugs article: the Out Of Scope section.

So, avoid the most easily avoidable rejection, looking for what our Academy states is not a bug or what a test does not need.

This is not all; remember that placeholder images or dummy text are also not in scope when you test customers' staging environments!

You may be wondering what a placeholder image is. Well, we’re glad you asked!

The same Content Bugs article explains it with images in the section: ❝Understanding Broken Images and Placeholder Images: A Guide for New Testers❞.

☝️ Whether you're unsure the environment under testing is in scope, you can always ask the customer test’s Team Leader over the test Chat.

Never do this!

Never place or attempt to place an order! Unless it’s instructed differently, we must prevent any order submissions or attempts to.

The following is an attempt to place an order since it has triggered the PayPal Checkout process:

Sometimes, when we're in the zone testing, we might not be aware we've triggered this or a similar button; well, there is always an excellent way to see it, and it's when you navigate to screens like the following one:

Starting can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to overlook essential details in the environment under testing. But don’t worry, we’re here to support you!

Look at the following helpful list we’ve compiled to ensure you steer clear of any significant blunders:

To make things more interesting, we have a course that uses real-life examples to help you learn.

❗Remember that our YouTube Channel aims to help you learn faster, like our shorts or quizzes; check them out!

The reminder of the week!

Every attachment (screencast or screenshot) submitted on our platform must show the date and time on the device!

💡 Our Academy is the place to learn all about our platform, reporting requirements and everything you need to succeed as a Test IO tester.

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