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IMDb ❝There was a problem. Internal Error. Please try again later.❞ | HTML anchors or the #s in URLs | ASOS Marketplace Out Of Scope!

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IMDb: ❝There was a problem. Internal Error. Please try again later.❞

On our training tests, we recommend using our disposable @qa.team email addresses service to prevent you from sharing personal email addresses and personal information with websites you're not interested in.

However, sometimes we might encounter scenarios like the following:

When creating an account with an email address on certain websites like IMDb.com, if the email address used is @qa.team, the website will trigger the message: ❝There was a problem. Internal Error. Please try again later.❞; however, if the user uses a different domain, particularly a well-known one like Gmail or Yahoo, this error will not show, and the account creation will be possible.

Why this?

A disposable email address is a temporary email address that is created specifically for the purpose of registering for online services or receiving email communications, but it can be easily deleted or discarded after its intended use.

One possible reason IMDb and other websites block disposable emails might be to prevent abuse of their system and maintain the quality of their user database. This policy is not uncommon among online services, as many companies recognise the potential risks associated with allowing anonymous users to create accounts. By requiring a valid, non-disposable email address, IMDb can more easily monitor and regulate user behaviour and ensure that their user database remains accurate and up-to-date.

Another possible reason why IMDb may not accept disposable email addresses is to prevent fraudulent activity on their website. Using a disposable email address can make it easier for users to create multiple accounts, which could be used for purposes such as manipulating ratings, posting fake reviews, or engaging in other types of spammy behaviour.

Additionally, IMDb may require a valid email address for account verification and password recovery purposes. If a user forgets their password or needs to recover their account for any reason, IMDb may send a verification email to the registered email address. If the user has used a disposable email address, they may not be able to access this email and may be locked out of their account permanently.

In summary, IMDb -or any other website with a similar implementation- may not accept disposable email addresses to prevent fraudulent activity, ensure the accuracy of their user database, and provide a reliable means of account verification and password recovery.

Avoid submitting bugs for similar scenarios by always testing different domains before submitting anything (Gmail or Yahoo are the best ones to try here).

HTML anchors identification

When clicking on elements, checking the URL structure in the search address is always advisable. As a friendly reminder, this is what this structure looks like:

If you notice a # symbol in the URL’s path, this is called an HTML anchor and is implemented to navigate users to specific parts of the website page like in this example on the BANANA MOON website:

Notice that the user is taken to the bottom of the page about the newsletter section as stated by the anchor at the end of the URL: https://www.bananamoon.com/en/#newsletter.

HTML anchors are links that allow the creation of clickable text or images that take the user to another web page or location on the same page.

Keep track of the URLs to understand redirecting behaviours and to compare the current URL with the one on the Overview tab of the test cycle to avoid testing a different environment.

ASOS Marketplace Out Of Scope?

Related to the previous URL strategy, remember that even if the look and feel of ASOS.com and marketplace.asos.com are similar, the environments are completely different:

Make a habit of comparing URLs while testing and if you're not sure about whether a URL is or not in scope, always ask your Team Leader for guidance.

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