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Do I need an email account for testing?

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For some tests, you need an email address to create a user account or to test newsletters. If you don't want to use your personal email account, we offer an email service providing disposable email addresses for our testers: https://qa.team

Our qa.team service

If you need a disposable email address for testing, please go to the qa.team website. When you land on the qa.team website, you will need to authenticate yourself via our Test.IO SSO (Single Sing-On).

The login process is similar to our Access Claims feature - you will need to use a sign-in button, and if you are signed in to the Test IO right now, your account will automatically be recognized; otherwise, you will need to enter your Test IO credentials, log in and allow application access (for the first time).

After successful authentication, only what you have to do is enter any sequence of letters or numbers into the input field that will constitute the local part of your email address. If you e.g. enter "tester1234" and click on "Go", you will see all emails that were sent to "[email protected]" within the last 2 weeks. Older emails will no longer be available.

Each email is only text-based, so no images or links will be displayed – this is not a bug. You might not identify information right away due to surrounding formatting characters, but all information is available.

Restriction for private addresses 

If you choose to test with other email addresses rather than our qa.team addresses, only use the ones that you have access to. If you use addresses that you don't have access to, there is a chance that someone else will receive your test emails possibly containing confidential information. In a worst case scenario, that person could work for a competitor.

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