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Good reporting examples | A tricky no-content bug | Featuring vietnm7597, artur.khannanov & sugada

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Good example #1: Title

A good bug report title follows our rules, and provides all necessary information to identify the issue, and anyone who reads it can reproduce the behaviour without reading the entire report.

Take a look at this perfect title! It answers all three questions a bug report title should respond to, and by following it, anyone can reproduce the issue immediately!

Good job, vietnm7597!

Good example #2: Steps

Details are essential, and providing them adds significant value to the report!

Take, for example, the following report steps that give all the information needed to follow along, and we can even find more insights into the actual result, like the negative impact of the bug.

Great job, artur.khannanov!

Good example #3: Readability

Good titles and detailed reports enhance enormously if they can be read smoothly.

In this report, which provides an excellent title and details in all sections, the usage of markdown to stand out the elements the user has to interact with or needs to pay attention to speeds up its readability.

Skimming and scanning made it easier… excellent job, sungada!

About BUGS… and NO bugs!

In our Academy, missing images are content bugs, and when a browser cannot find the location of an image, it displays an icon similar to these:

If the website displays different images, it cannot be considered a bug.

For instance, the following case reported on is not a bug since the image displayed is not similar to any of the icons above.

These images that look personalised and that belong to the website since they share a similar look & feel are not missing because a placeholder image is displayed instead.

BONUS TIP: highlighting bugs on screenshots with red since it contrasts with pretty much any website on the internet and draws attention to the compromised area.

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