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How do I take screenshots of bugs?

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Please note that this is just a summary article of Screenshots. To learn more about Screenshots, visit our main Screenshots article.

To take good screenshots, you can use the basic tools of your operating system. Remember that if your bug involves an action, a video may be necessary to capture the cause and result.

Tools on different OS


  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11: Use the Windows Snipping Tool (not sure how to use the Snipping Tool? Find a step-by-step guide here)

  • Bandicam

Mac OS

  • For total screen captures: press cmd⌘ + L-Shift⇧ + 3

  • For screen section: key sequence cmd⌘ + L-Shift⇧ + 4


  • Home button + On/Off-button (older Versions)

  • On/Off button + Volume down (newer Versions)


  • Press the Home button and On/Off button

  • Press the Side button and Volume + button

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