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How do I record my screen?

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Please note that this is just a summary article of Screencasts. To learn more about Screencasts, visit our main Screencasts article.

Creating Screencasts

To create screencasts, choose any tool and provide a .mp4 video with appropriate quality. The screencast should show the bug trigger and the last navigation step for all situations. Max time for screencast is 1 minute (Bug Reports) and 15 seconds (Reproductions and User Stories). Turn off device sounds and avoid recording background noise.

Suggested tools for desktop devices

  1. ScreenPal (Formerly Screencast-O-Matic) (free) >> Windows & Mac OS

  2. Bandicam (free) >> Windows

  3. Tools >> Mac OS

Suggested tools for mobile devices

  1. Built-in screen recorder (*Android 11+ and iOS 11+)

  2. AZ Screen Recorder (free, Android only)

  3. Mobizen (free, Android only)

Best practices while capturing a screencast

Set up the device and app/website beforehand to save time when creating screencasts. Ensure personal or unprofessional data isn't shown, and turn off notifications from other apps. Avoid hovering over screen elements for too long, and remember the time limits (1 minute for bug reports, 15 seconds for reproductions and user stories). Enable clicks and taps effects, show the mouse icon on desktop devices, and check your video before submission. Try to use H.264 codec.

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