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Quickly learn how to get the credentials for testing a product

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"Claiming the credentials on the Access Claims page allows you to test the product using the whitelisted credentials."

Accessing the testing environment sometimes requires using the credentials provided by Test IO or the customer. To ensure that we have a balanced number of testers who join with different devices, we introduced the Access Claims feature which will allow testers to easily claim free spots and credentials necessary for accessing the product they are about to test.

How does it work

Once you accept the test cycle where you are required to use certain credentials, go to the test Overview page. In the test How to access the product section, you will see the link to Access Claims. If you click on the link, you will be taken to the Access Claims application, where you need to log in using your Test IO account credentials.

On the Access Claims page, click on the button Claim next to the available credentials and use the credentials for testing. When you are done with testing, please click on the Release button to make the credentials available for the next tester.

Note: If you try to access the Access Claims link without accepting to participate in the test cycle where it is enabled, you will be presented with an error message: "You are not authorized to perform this action"

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