Visual Bugs - Summary
What is a visual bug?
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Please note that this is just a summary article of Visual Bugs. In order to learn more about Visual Bugs, please visit our main Visual Bugs article.

In some tests, tester will be able to report visual bugs related to website or app interfaces. Examples of visual bugs include misaligned elements, issues with responsive design, overlapping or cut-off text, and any problems that can be fixed in HTML or CSS files.

Repetitive problems

Repetitive visual problems should only be reported once, even if they occur on different pages with different URLs or links. The single bug report should mention all affected elements. Individual bug reports for each occurrence of the problem are not accepted.

Upgrade to functional bug

When a visual bug causes a functionality to fail, it should be reported as a functional bug, even if the function itself is not the issue. However, if the function can be accessed easily through an alternative path or option, the problem should be reported as a visual bug rather than a functional one, since it doesn't actually prevent users from accessing the function.

Documentation of visual problems

Visual reports must contain screenshots. If the visual problem is caused by an action, an additional screencast might be required. For more information on how bug reports must be documented, visit our article Bug Report Requirements.

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