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Let me introduce: Sales engineer Michael
Let me introduce: Sales engineer Michael

Interview with Michael, who works in Sales in our San Francisco office

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Sales Engineer Michael

Hello, Michael. 10 months at Test IO (*in 2019). What was your personal highlight so far?

It was an interaction I had with a potential customer. It didn’t lead to anything but after I made a personalized video for him he went out of his way to let me know “By the way, wanted to say that your video > email outreach was probably the best outreach message I’ve gotten in years. Thought it deserved to be said! I’ll definitely think of you guys if we wanna extend our QA as we build out new systems” Still makes me smile to this day.

How well does the collaboration between the San Francisco and the Berlin office work in your opinion? What could be improved?

I think there are some missed opportunities. Having offices on different sides of the world means that there are a lot of different perspectives at this company. I value and always want to know more about how other people view things. These perspectives allow me to be more critical of myself and grow in different ways. I know there are cultural differences between the markets we sell into but I think we could all benefit from a more defined mechanism to share the best practices and perspectives across seas.

Did you know that Sales Tests are quite popular amongst our testers? Can you imagine why?

I love Sales Tests too. I think testers do, because it is almost like happening across an undiscovered island. It’s free and fertile ground, you’ve never experienced it before and you have no idea what to expect. Or in test terms, there is no known bug list and its something new to explore(atory test)! What’s not to love?

Do you have any tester names in mind which impress in demos with prospects?

@Victor Dinh has come through and won a couple customers for us with his stellar bug catching abilities. I’m not surprised he also found the 1,000,000 bug!

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