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Learn how Hadware Testing works and the best practices

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What is Hardware Testing?

Hardware testing is a type of project in which you will receive a physical device and test it according to the instructions. All important information will be explained before you receive the device and you must agree with the rules, meet the requirements and provide personal information to participate in these projects.

How can I apply for a Hardware Testing project?

You must have a high commitment level to participate in Hardware Testing projects. The project can take from a few days to weeks or months to be completed so make sure you'll be available to test for the entire project time before applying for them. Just like with other projects on our platform, you must fill in the survey sent by one of our CPCs to apply for a Hardware Testing project. You can check this article to learn more details about Projects Onboarding.

What cautions should I take with my device while testing it?

Since you are testing a real-world device, you will have to be careful before, during and after the test session. The device should be stored in a safe place, far from any heat source and dust, inside the original package it was shipped to you. You also need to make sure it was correctly shut down and disconnected from any energy source before storing it. Finally, you must not open the device or try to change anything inside of it unless you are authorized by someone from our team.

Usually will not take screenshots or screencasts from your computer or your mobile devices like you do in regular Test IO cycles. Instead, you will be asked to take photos and videos of the real-world device. We recommend you to test in a quiet place so you can focus on testing the hardware properly and double-check your photos' and videos' qualities before submitting them to us. Always make sure personal or confidential objects will not show up in your attachments and avoid showing people's faces or bodies unless it was authorized in the instructions. Invalid attachments might lead you to re-test all steps, so be extra careful while capturing the evidence.

Note: Not following all the given instructions carefully might end up damaging the device or you testing it in the wrong way, which will end up in you not completing the entire test and might affect your final payout.

Why do I have to sign an NDA or an Agreement contract?

Some of the devices used for testing might still be prototypes or beta versions of the product or the customer might ask you to not test all the available features. You might also be asked to return the hardware back to us after the test is done. Therefore, you must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or some other Agreement contract as evidence you agreed with the terms proposed by the customer and the Test IO platform. We recommend you read carefully the contract and if you have any questions about it, ask your CPC for more information before signing it.

Because the devices that are sent to you might not available to the general public, you must not talk about the device to other people, even the ones that live with you or closest friends. Please use your discretion and do not share confidential information with unauthorized personnel.

Which information should I submit to join a Hardware Testing project?

If you are eligible for one of our running projects, you'll be asked to provide your personal information and your exact address. All information must be valid so you can get the device in your residence. Usually one of our CPC members will contact you, mostly using email or chat bubble messages on your Tester Profile Dashboard. Respond as soon as possible and structure your address as follows:

First and Last Name
Street Name and the Street Number
Apartment Number/Floor Number (If applicable)
Name of town/village/city

ZIP/Postal Code
Name of your Province/State (If applicable)
Country Name

Sometimes you'll also need to provide your phone number and other extra information depending on which country you're from.

Note: Please make sure you did not provide us with your wrong or incomplete address. This will slow down the project processes and you might not receive the device. Also, please DO NOT provide someone else's address or a company address. You must provide your own residential address. P.O. Boxes will usually not be allowed unless authorized by someone from our community team.

How do we handle sensitive data?

Once you provide us with your personal information, we will handle it respectfully and professionally. The CPC will use your name and address to send you the hardware for testing or forwards your info to the customer to send you the package with the hardware. Your information won't be used for any other reasons other than project-related purposes.

What should I do when I receive my device?

When the device finally arrives at your place, the first thing you must do is inform the team. Then we recommend you wait for further instructions before opening the package. You might be asked to unbox the device and say your thoughts while recording the process, so it's important that you do not open the package before you are authorized to do so. We also ask you to keep all original boxes (including the shipping box) in case you must return the device after testing or if your unit has a defect that will block you from properly testing it.

Note: If your device comes broken or if it stops working while you are using it, DO NOT PROCEED with the testing or try to repair it yourself. Please inform us immediately and provide photos and videos of the current device state so we can address the issue properly.

What should I do with the device after the test is completed?

This information will be provided by the team before you accept the cycle, but usually, you will either have to return the device or you can keep it to yourself. Please use the original boxes in case you need to return the hardware to us.

If you are asked to return the device, an address will be given so you can ship the hardware back or you must physically go to the address and return it, depending on the customer. To ship back the device, you must confirm with the team before shipping it if the shipping company and the shipping price are correct. You'll either be reimbursed via Bonus on our platform or the payout will include the shipping fee. Always make sure you packed the device correctly and safely to avoid any damage while shipping.

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