Even though it is not forbidden to copy bugs on the platform, certain rules come into place regarding copying your own bugs or reports from other testers.

Your focus on the platform should be about finding new issues instead of reporting the same bug again. We do allow this but not massively.

What does "Massively" means?

If you participate in Test A where you reported more than 5 Bugs, you might get invited to join Test B for the same product. By the rules mentioned in the Recurring Tests article, you are allowed, to submit those bugs again. You should not submit more than 5 copied Bugs again in future tests of the same product. We consider mentioned behavior as massively copy-pasting bugs that may lead to a warning.

Specific Rules and Ethics

  • We recognize that there is no "copyright" when you report a bug on the platform and that it doesn't "belong" to you. If someone is only looking for bugs reported by other testers in old tests to submit them in a new one as their own bug(s), he or she is not providing any valuable testing to the platform. As explained above, testers should focus on finding new issues, not copying old reports. If the mentioned behavior is detected often by anyone, it may lead to a warning or a permanent ban.

  • When you Copy a bug report, you should NOT change anything in it. There is no reason to change Title, Steps or Results (Actual and Expected.) If it is the same bug, you are only allowed to change: credentials (if any), Step 1, URL and, of course, the Attachment that must be a new one.

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