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Test Case Bug Reproductions

What are test case bug reproductions and how to submit them?

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When you are executing a test case step and notice that you cannot perform the described action, it means your step execution fails and we ask you to describe what happens instead in more detail. There are two possible options here:

  1. The observed bug has not been submitted by another tester in the test and you are asked to submit a new test case bug report.

  2. The observed bug has already been submitted by another tester and you can submit a test case bug reproduction.

Submitting a new Test Case Bug

In case the bug you've encountered while executing a test case step has not been submitted by any other tester before, we ask you to submit a new bug report and describe your observed behavior in more detail. When you're creating a new test case bug, please make sure to follow our regular bug report requirements. As soon as you click Failed in your test case execution form, you will be offered to either submit a new bug report or to choose the bug submitted by another tester:

If you cannot find your bug in the list, please select Submit a new bug. You will then see the following bug report form:

Just like in exploratory tests, your bug report will be reviewed by the Team Leader and the customer who can both send you information requests. If your bug report is not valid, it will be rejected.

However, if you can find the bug you've encountered in the list of already submitted bug reports, please create a reproduction instead of a new bug report.

Submitting a Test Case Bug Reproduction

If you encounter the same bug that has already been submitted by another tester, we ask you to submit a test case bug reproduction. In this case, you only need to select the appropriate bug report from the drop-down list and provide the necessary attachment.

Please note that your attachment should meet our standard bug reproduction requirements.

Note that you will not be able to edit the original bug report from another tester or update your reproduction once you submitted it.

In test case tests, you can find a list of all your submitted test case bug reproductions under My Issues > My Reproductions.

Once you start executing the Test Case Bug Reproduction you will reserve the seat for 30 minutes. If you don't submit a reproduction within 30 minutes, the seat will become available for other testers and you again. Starting the Bug Reproduction will activate the session which disallows you to start any other session like User Stories, Bug Fix Confirmation, Bug Report Confirmation, Test Session for other test cycle or Bug Reproduction Execution for functional exploratory test.

When you open a particular test case bug reproduction from the list, you will be redirected to the initial bug report.

You can find the payout per test case bug reproduction on the test details page.

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