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Who is involved in the testing process?

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Testing requires numerous parties all playing their own important role. Below are the main players in each test:

  1. Testers – the bread and butter of Test IO; they find the bugs and issues that our customers need to know about. Without testers, Test IO wouldn't exist.

  2. Team leaders – the most experienced testers who give guidance and clarity to other testers during tests. They are also responsible for quality control and make sure that all bugs found are relevant and important to the customer.

  3. Customer Success Managers (CSMs) – they work as part of Test IO's in-house team, serving as the liaison between Test IO and its customers. They also oversee customer tests and work with team leaders, testers, and customers to ensure that the customer receives the results they're looking for.

  4. Customers – Test IO's clients; these are the growing or already-mature organizations that Test IO works with to make sure their users are having the best possible experiences while shopping their sites or navigating their apps.

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