Content & Visual Bugs

In some tests you will have the option to report these types of bugs. Where you do not see this option in the list of bug types you should not report them, as they are out of scope.

  • Content bugs relate to missing data, images, or broken links.
    • A placeholder image on a staging site is not a (content) bug.
    • If there are placeholder images on a live site, you may submit one content bug that covers this aspect. Individual reports for each image are not permitted.
    • If an image is not loaded (broken link), this is considered a content bug as well.
  • Where only some items are missing in search results but the search function itself works, this would be a content bug.
  • Reports must contain screenshots, steps and a description to reproduce.


  • The user can accomplish a task, but the interface looks wrong, typically because of responsive design, CSS, HTML, or layout framework problems.
  • Reports must contain screenshots, device information, steps and a description to reproduce the issue.


But as soon as the content or visual bug hinders a function such as when text is blocking a button, it can be reported as a functional bug, even though it is not really the function itself that is buggy.