You can get good screenshots with several tools – this list contains the basic tools of the most common systems and OS. A couple things to remember though, if your bug involves an action the chances are a video would demonstrate your bug better and when you do provide a screenshot don’t forget to include the URL in the selection!

Chrome / Firefox


  • older Windows: use the “Print” key and edit the screenshot with Paint
  • Vista, 7, 8, 10: use the Windows Snipping Tool

Mac OS

  • total screen: key sequence ‚cmd’+’L-Shift’+’3’
  • screen section: key sequence ‚cmd’+’L-Shift’+’4’


  • Home Button + On/Off-button (older Versions)
  • On/Off-button + volume down (newer Versions)


  • Hold On/Off-button and tap the Home Button