You earn points for a variety of actions like accepting or rejecting test invitations, or submitting bugs that get accepted. If bugs were rejected or invitations to testcycles expire you will loose points.

The ranking takes into account the points you earned during the last 60 days, weighted by time of earning. If you got points for an accepted bug yesterday – it will be worth more than a bug that was accepted 3 weeks ago.

Invitation Accepted 10
Invitation Rejected 10
Leave test 5
Invitation Expired 0
Test Insights – Accepted 15
Test Insights – Rejected -10
Reproduction – Accepted 5
Reproduction – Rejected -2
Accepted Bug – Low 10
Accepted Bug – High 25
Accepted Bug – Critical 50
Accepted Bug – Test Case 10
Accepted Bug – Usability 10
Accepted Bug – Spelling 3
Test Case Executed 10
Rejected Bug -10