Testing Rules

In order to maintain a healthy working relationship between you, the team leaders and the whole test IO team there are a few key rules to follow:


  • Reproduce bugs: Only report bugs that you can reproduce. Try reproducing your fellow testers bugs as well (you are paid and earn ranking points for this.)
  • Read the instructions: The app sections and instructions contain a lot of important information.
  • Provide good evidence: Consider if your bug is really shown in a screenshot or if it is just the final result, often a screencast provides more valuable evidence of the issue.
  • Be polite and professional, we are working here together!
  • Think about the cause of the issue, try to understand the product. We love our smart testers and they are way more likely to get special tests. Don’t be a bug bot!
  • Ask your follow testers and the team leader for help, if needed.


  • Placeholder bugs: Only submit complete bug reports.
  • Use emulators: Only physical devices can be used for testing with us.
  • Change tester credentials: There are often a limited number of tester accounts available for testing so other testers may need to use the account after you.
  • Don’t be unprofessional or unfair.
  • Do not use email addresses you don’t have access to for testing. You might sign up people for newsletters or accounts they don’t want to have.
  • Do not copy other testers work.



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