Onboarding Tests!

If you are a new tester with us at test IO the first test you will be able to participate in is an onboarding test. This test is your chance to learn the basics and understand the platform.

Scope of the tests

The scope of these tests is more restricted compared to typical customer tests so please make sure you read the scope fully. Reproductions, for example, are out of scope and will be rejected. You should also only report a maximum of 3 bugs per test.


The team leader will look to give you the most constructive support and will help you with additional requests in your bugs. You can also use the in test communication to communicate with your fellow testers and the team leader.

What you need to do

You need to showcase your ability in these tests, so make sure to report the best quality of bug reports you can. If you do not reach the required level you will have another attempt, but if your first bugs are good enough you will be approved and can then participate in customer tests.

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