In this article, we will answer common questions.


When will I get another invitation for a test?

Normally you get invitations several times a week. You get notified about each of them via e-mail.

How do I get more invitations?

Adding all your physical devices and all spoken languages to your tester profile increases the chances that you match a test. In addition to that, make sure to submit good reports and to reduce the number of bug rejections and dispute rejections to the best of your abilities. Good testers will receive more inviations as well as invitations to special tasks with increased payouts (if available).

Why can I not accept a test invitation after following the e-mail link?

The test runtime is either already over or all seats have been taken by other testers. In the latter case, please react to e-mail notifications promptly to increase your chances of testing. If you check e-mails on the go, make sure to set your inbox notifications to “Push”, otherwise you will receive test invitations later than they were sent to you.

What happens if I don’t participate in a test run even though I accepted the invitation?

It is important to us that you actively test when you accepted a test invitation. If you are not active for a few hours (e. g. you don’t submit any bugs), you might get excluded from the test run, so that another tester gets the possibility to test. If you know you won’t be able to test but already accepted the invitation, please leave the test. You can find the exit option on the test overview page, in the right tab, at the very bottom. This will enable other fellow testers to take a chance to test.

How can I stop getting e-mail notifications for new tests?

You can deactivate e-mail notifications for new tests under Settings in your tester profile. While we will not send you any further e-mails for new tests, you will still be able to see them on your tester dashboard.


How much money do I earn per bug?

The payout of a report depends on the test run and your report’s severity. On average, bugs are worth between 2 EUR and 15 EUR but it can be higher for special setups. When an iOS app is under test, the payout is usually increased.

How do I submit a bug report?

You can only report bugs in a test when you accepted the invitation and when the test is currently running. To then submit a bug, open the test overview page, scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the test’s Features, read the description of the Feature which you want to submit a bug for, and confirm it by clicking the button below. You will then see a submission button.

When do I get a reaction to my test report?

The team leader will usually review your reports within a few hours after your submission but until the end of the test runtime at the latest.

Why have I not been paid for my reproduction?

Reproductions are only paid if both the reproduction and the bug that you reproduced were accepted. The status “Accepted by test IO” is the status of your reproduction. Please open the corresponding bug to check the bug status.

I don’t agree with a bug decision. What can I do?

If you don’t agree with the decision of the team leader or customer and your bug is legitimate, well-documented, and complete, you can open a dispute under certain conditions. Please visit our dedicated article for more information.

Please be careful with this feature as it will impact your performance if you use it carelessly.


Why do you need my tax number/VAT ID?

When you state that your country of residence is within the European Union in your tester profile, we will ask you for a tax identification number. If you live in Germany, you can provide either your national tax number or your EU VAT ID. For any other EU country, we require a EU VAT ID.

All earnings are subject to income tax. Testers themselves are responsible to turn in their invoices to their tax authorities (if necessary).

Where do I get my tax number/VAT ID from?

You get your tax number/VAT ID from your tax authority. Please contact them if you have any questions regarding this number or the taxation of your income.

When do I get my payout?

Bug payouts and bonuses that you received in the current month will be paid with the next payment cycle next month. The whole process is explained in this article.

Why haven’t I gotten my payout yet?

Some banks need a bit longer for transfers than others. It can take some days until the payout is on your bank account.

If you requested an invoice until the 19th of a month and you still haven’t received your payment at the first day of the following month, please contact us via the support chat. We are happy to resolve the problem for you.

When will I receive a promised bonus?

Participation bonuses will be paid by the Customer Success Manager within 10 days after the test end. This bonus will be paid independently from the test’s status.

Tester profile

Why do I have to provide personal information?

We need your correct information not only for invoices but also because tests may require specific characteristics such as age or location.

Why do I have to provide information about my devices?

To find out if one of your devices matches the requirements of a test, we need to know which physical devices you possess. The more devices of yours you add to your profile, the greater the number of test invitations that we will send you.

Why will it not let me add a device or system OS to my environments?

If you are trying to add a recent device or OS version and it cannot be selected, we probably haven’t added it to our database yet. In general, we will only add devices of major manufacturers and not add discontinued and old devices. Please contact us via the support chat and we are happy to consider it.

Which devices and environments receive most invitations?

Devices with up-to-date operating system versions and browser versions are most relevant for our customers. More information can be found in this article.

How do I delete my account?

We are sorry that you want to leave us. If you have any feedback what we can do better, we’d would love to hear about it! Please send us your feedback as explained at the end of this article.

To delete your account and your personal information, go to Your Account and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the “Delete account!” button. Please note that we are required to keep your invoices for a certain period of time due to legal obligations.

I have a different question or feedback!

You can’t find the answer to your question or you want to give us feedback to improve our platform or service? Please contact us via the support chat.

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