Q: „Why do I have to give my details?“

A: For the calculation and the payment we need your correct details. Apart from that, some test cycles are only for different characteristics such as age or location.

Q: „Why do I have to give my devices?“

A: There are different devices needed for all the different tests. We can compare the needed devices with your tester profile and by doing this we can invite you to the matching tests.

Q: „What is the usual process of a test cycle?“

A: We have summarized it for you here:

Q: When do I get the next test invitation?

A: Normally you get invitations several times a week.

Q: „How do I delete my account?“

A: Go to „account“ in your tester profile and delete your profile here:


Q: „Are there different types of test runs?“

A: There are three different types of test cycles:

Explorative – functional issues
Usability – Usability and user experience examinations
Test Cases – series of predefined steps

Q: „What do you need my tax number/VAT-ID for?“

A: In some countries, as for example Germany all income underlie the tax liability and therefore have to be announced. Tax exemptions have to be checked by the testers.

Q: „Where do I get my tax number/VAT-ID from?“

A: You get your tax number from your finance office.

Q: „When do I get my payout?“

A: From an amount of 25 € or more you will get your payout.
The payout of bugs and bonus are made by the end of the following month. The amount will be credited to your bank account or alternative financial services provider.

Q: „Why haven’t I got my payout yet?“

A: Some banks need a bit longer for transfers than others. It can take some days until the payout is on your bank account.

It can also happen that there are delays on our side. We always try to be on time. If you have any further questions, just write an email to [email protected]

 Q: „What happens if I don’t take part in a test run even though I have accepted the invitation before?“

A: Of course it is very important to us that you keep to your acceptance. If you are not active in a test that you have accepted for a few hours (e.g. you don’t hand in a bug) it can happen that you get excluded from that test run so that another tester gets the possibility to be active.

Q: „ When do I get a reaction to my test report/bug?“

A: Normally, the team leader is active a few hours after the test cycle has started. Your bugs should be checked within a few hours (e. g. comments or questions).

Q: „How can I stop getting emails for new tests?“

A: You can deactivate invitations under „settings“ in your tester profile. On your dashboard, you can still see all invitations for new tests.

Q: „How much money do I earn per bug?“

A: Depending on the test run and the priority (importance and relevance) the payout can be up to 50 EUR.
On average bugs are worth between 3 EUR and 15 EUR.
Usability will be paid with up to 2 EUR.

You can’t find your question here? Leave a message in the comments!

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