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Why do missing images on websites bug us? | How do search results know what we want? | Check the Academy’s available languages.

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Content Bugs at Test IO

Even though the icon displays when the image location doesn’t match most website designs, this is not considered a visual bug in our platform.

No matter how weird the icons look, the issue is with where the image is (like ❝Broken links or images (404s)❞), not how it appears on the screen (like ❝graphical user interfaces❞).

Usually, when images are missing, they look something like this:

If you want to know more about broken and placeholder images, check out our Academy article Content Bugs. There’s a section in there called ❝Understanding Broken Images and Placeholder Images: A Guide for New Testers❞ that dives deeper into the issue.

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Search Results Page (SRP)

In this scenario, if you search for ❝Face mask❞, the Search Results Page shows you items that have nothing to do with it.

Weird, right?

Let's take a closer look at this scenario reported as a bug. Here's the central part of the actual result:

❝On searching face masks, the products Youth New York Knicks Black Hardwood Classics Throwback Big Face Mesh Shorts, Youth Los Angeles Lakers Gold Hardwood Classics Throwback Big Face Mesh Shorts, etc. are also displayed in the search result❞.

Let’s check out what we’re supposed to see (the expected result) to understand the issue better.

❝On searching for a product, the search result should only contain the items having the Searched Keywords in it.❞

The actual result is great because it shows the names of the bugged products and gives enough details about what happened. However, it also confirms that the items are related to the user’s search term, especially the word ❝Face❞. That’s why these items and maybe more appear on the ❝Face mask❞ search results page.

Have you ever thought about how search engines find what you’re looking for?

Well, it all comes down to the clever algorithms used to retrieve items from your search.

Here are some of the main things these algorithms take into account when pulling up results on the search page:

To get a better grip on how search, search suggestions list, and search results page work, you can head over to our Academy article: ❝Understanding the Differences and Integration of Search, Search Suggestions List, and Search Results Page❞. We go into the nitty-gritty of the topic and more, just as the article title promised.

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