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You probably wonder "Why should I submit feedback for a Test Cycle?", right?

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should submit Test Feedback when available in the test:

  1. Most importantly, you help improve the test setup for the next run – Anything that holds you back from participating in this test, we need to know 🙏

  2. Our top feedback contributors receive Ranking Points and Community Recognition – Lead the ranking to get visibility within our community!

  3. In rare cases, there will be a monetary compensation for Test Feedbacks. If this is the case, you will see it highlighted on your interface.

Test Feedback

The Test Feedback feature allows you to provide feedback at two stages:

  • before testing begins and

  • during the actual testing phase

In each stage, a feedback form will be displayed asking you to rate different aspects.

Each aspect can be rated between 1 and 5 stars ⭐ A rating below 5 stars indicates to us that we need to improve this aspect; We will display an optional comment field and hope for your written feedback to better understand what we need to improve. Thank you for taking a moment to provide further information!

Stage 1: Before Testing Begins

Before the test start or even before you accept the test invitation, you can share your initial feedback while reviewing the test setup. Any thoughts, expectations, or concerns are welcome!

Stage 2: During the Actual Testing Phase

Once your test session begins, you will see an extended feedback form, in which you can share your experience while participating in this test – observations, suggestions, and any issues you encounter while testing the environment. You can give feedback on various aspects of the test, helping us gain valuable insights into the testing process.

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