How to set up Fire TV for testing
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"This article will teach you how to set up the Amazon Fire TV Stick and prepare this streaming device for testing."


  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device that lets you stream videos, install apps, play music, and more on your TV. It's an HDMI stick slightly larger than a regular USB stick, and all you need is an HDMI port on your TV. It connects to any wifi network or your mobile hotspot. The Fire TV stick has a remote control with voice commands.

  • It is based on the Android platform; you can install Android apps, turning your regular TV into a smart TV. There are many pre-installed apps to match your localization. It also has its own Amazon-integrated app store from which you can download apps and sideload other Android apps supported by the Fire Stick.

Create your Amazon Account

  • To initialize your Fire TV Stick, you must have an Amazon account.

    • Go to to register an account.

    • Select the Sign-in button and proceed with the Create your Amazon account button.

    • Fill out the registration form with a valid email ID, and you will receive an OTP on the same email address to verify your account.

    • After successful account verification, your Amazon account is ready and can be used to get started with your Fire TV Stick.

Set Up Your Fire TV Stick

  • Ensure your wifi connection is turned on and you have created an Amazon account beforehand.

  • Connect your Fire TV to your TV and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

  • Connect your Fire TV to the HDMI port on your TV, and then plug the power adapter into a power outlet.

  • Use the USB cable to connect the power adapter and your Fire TV.

  • Insert batteries into your Fire TV remote control.

  • Turn on your TV and switch to the correct HDMI input.

  • If your remote doesn't pair automatically, press the Home button until "Press Play Pause to Begin" appears on the screen (about 10 seconds).

  • Select Language.

  • The system will detect the wifi connection.

  • Select your wifi Network and Follow the onscreen instructions to establish a wifi connection.

  • The system would check for software updates: updates will be downloaded and installed when available. Optimizing system storage and applications process takes a few minutes.

How to Sign in with Amazon Account

On your computer:

  • If prompted, approve the notification sent to the registered email address.

  • After successful approval, enter the code displayed on the Fire TV. This should complete your registration.

  • When asked if you would like to register the Fire TV stick for your account, press Continue.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions for Parental control, Volume Setup on the Remote, and Profile.

Your Fire TV Stick is initialized and ready to explore.

Installing apps on your Fire TV for testing

After initializing your Fire TV Stick, let's learn how to install a customer app for testing.

For streaming testing, there are two different ways to install the apps available for testing on the Fire TV.

Install the App via an Amazon App Link

The customer provides us with an Amazon link that needs to be opened on your desktop/mobile device browser and leads directly to the page of the respective App on the Amazon website (login required).

  • Click on the Amazon Link provided on the Test Overview page.

  • App Page on Amazon Website: Click on Deliver Button. This will Download and Install the App on your Fire TV Stick. After the App is Installed on Fire TV Stick, a notification popup will appear. The App is ready to Test.

Installing .apk file

In order to install the app as a .apk file we recommend doing this through the ADB, as this is the fastest way. In order to learn more about this method of installation, please visit our Installing .apk files on Android and Fire TV over ADB article.

Extra tips for your Fire TV device

  • When you press and hold the Home button on your remote, the current date and time are displayed on your screen. This is useful when recording a screencast or shooting a video from an external device.

  • To Clear the cache/data on the Fire TV Stick or to Uninstall the App: Open Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Select the desired application, then select the appropriate option to clear cache/data or uninstall the App permanently.

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