For us to be able to send payments your way, please visit the page Payout Data and fill out the form. Depending on your country of residence, we will ask you for different information to provide us with.

Please pick from the following selection:

Non-EU Residents

For most of our testers who don't live in a country of the European Union, the form will only ask you for your payment details where we should send payments to. Please check our article Payment Methods to learn which payment methods we support and how to fill out the fields.

EU Residents (Non-Germans)

If you live in a country of the EU except Germany, we need to know your EU VAT ID, besides your preferred payment method.


Requesting this information is a legal requirement. test IO is located in Germany and every payment we send to someone in another European country is a cross-border transaction. Such a transaction requires the European VAT IDs of both the invoicing party (you) and the invoice recipient (test IO). Only with these IDs, tax administrations in both EU countries can identify both parties and prevent abuse.

To check if the ID at hand is a valid EU VAT ID, you can validate it via the following website by the European Commission: VIES VAT number validation

In order to obtain a EU VAT ID, please contact your local tax authorities office. Conditions may apply to retrieve one. Make sure your ID is activated for VIES, so other member countries can validate it.

German Residents

If you live in Germany, we will ask you for the following:

Working as..

Here you have two options: Freelancer and Contractor. Please contact your tax authorities office or tax consultant to decide for the right option.

VAT does not apply

Tick that checkbox if you may not collect value-added tax. When you leave the checkbox unticked, we will transfer your funds plus 19% VAT (German: “Mehrwertsteuer”).

You need to declare that VAT and pass it on to your tax authorities. Again, please consult with your tax authorities office or your tax consultant for more information.

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