We offer the following payment methods to get paid:

Important: Whichever payment method you choose – Before you request a payment from test IO, make sure the account on your payment provider's website is fully set up – Add all required information, verify your identity, and link a bank account to your payment account.

For EU Residents

If you have an IBAN and a BIC from a EU bank account, you can enter that details in the IBAN/BIC (EU only) tab on our interface.

For Non-EU Residents

If you don't live in the EU, many payment providers like Payoneer, Wise, or PingPong provide you with an IBAN and a BIC from a bank that is located in the EU. We recommend signing up for one of these services, obtain an IBAN and BIC from their site and enter them in the mentioned tab on our interface.

Exemplary for Payoneer, here is how you obtain an IBAN and a BIC from Payoneer:

  1. Log in to your Payoneer account.

  2. Go to the Receiving accounts page via the main navigation (Get Paid - Receiving accounts).

  3. Look out for a Euro-receiving account on that page. (If you don't see such an account, you may have to receive 20 Dollars or Pounds via one of the other accounts first before Euro is offered to you.)

  4. Go to the Payout data page.

  5. Click on the tab IBAN / BIC (EU only) and enter the IBAN and BIC provided by Payoneer.

Please note the following for PayPal:

  • PayPal does not work in every country. Make sure you can receive payments through your PayPal account by checking their website.

  • Check your PayPal settings to make sure that you don't only accept payments via your website.

  • Check your PayPal settings to review if you accept transaction fees. If you don't accept transaction fees automatically, PayPal will send you an email for each incoming payment. If you fail to accept the payment request within 30 days, the transaction will get canceled.

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