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VPN Tools for Amazon FireTV Stick

Which VPN tools are there for testing with the Amazon FireTV stick?

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In some tests, you are asked to configure a VPN connection on your streaming device for testing purposes. In this article, we would like to give you an overview of different VPN solutions for your Amazon FireTV sticks – both free and paid subscriptions. Based on your personal needs and your device usage, you can choose the app that works best for you!

Windscribe VPN

The Windscribe VPN app is one of the best free VPN clients available in the

Amazon Appstore for a FireTV Stick.

After a quick registration, you will automatically get a 2 GB/Month plan. Confirming your email address will upgrade your plan to 10GB/month and sharing a tweet about Windscribe to 15GB/month (to do so, log in to your account with a desktop device and follow simple instructions).

With a free plan, you will be able to connect to a number of selected locations (more locations marked by green stars are available for paid plans).

To connect to the VPN, you need to choose the location from the list and press the Connect button next to it. Once you press the Connect button, the VPN will be configured on your device.

While some of the disadvantages of the free plan include limited traffic and a limited selection of locations, this is a very easy-to-use and straightforward app.


If you are not happy with the free VPN solution and would like to use a paid subscription, PrivateVPN is a good solution in terms of quality vs. cost. Currently, they offer an affordable 3-month plan for just $14.63 ($4.88 per month).

You can create an account with your desktop device at Afterwards, you can log in to your account with your FireTV Stick. PrivateVPN gives you unlimited access to a great variety of locations.

To configure a VPN connection, simply select the desired location from the list and click on it. That’s it – you are now connected!

What is more, you can use your PrivateVPN subscription not only on FireTV Stick

but on other devices as well – desktop, iOS, and Android!

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