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Who are our Great Testers and how to become one?

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In order to celebrate our best testers and highlight their exceptional work on the platform, we introduced a special category and proudly call them Great Testers.

How to become a Great Tester? 

Our Great Testers show exceptional performances and community engagement. In order to be considered as one of our Great Testers, you need to have above-average performance scores – 75+ Quality and Reliability Scores. More information about the scores, how they are calculated and tips on how to increase them can be found in the Reliability Score and Quality Score articles. 

What benefits do Great Testers have? 

  • As a Great Tester, you will enjoy a 10% payout raise in all projects on our platform!  

  • We also reserve seats in every test for our Great Testers, which means even if all seats are taken, Great Testers can still join the test and submit bugs and reproductions in it (unless there are three Great Testers in the test already). 

  • What is more, we offer our Great Testers to apply for a Team Leader position when we are hiring and depending on their qualifications and experience, Great Testers can potentially become Team Leaders on the Test IO platform and further advance their careers. 

  • Great Testers can submit bugs with all of their devices that are scope in the second half of every test on the platform! This means that in the first half of any test, Great Testers are required to test with their requested device only but they can move on to using all of their devices that are in scope in the second half of the test.

  • We also invite Great Testers to participate in special projects that require exceptional professionalism and commitment. 

We will be introducing more benefits for our Great Testers in the future. 

How can you recognize a Great Tester? 

You can always spot a Great Tester on the platform by a trophy symbol in the top right corner of the profile picture. Below you can see an example of a profile picture of one of our Great Testers iullot.

We strongly believe that anyone of you can become a Great Tester and enjoy all the benefits that come with it, including Community recognition and appreciation. All you have to do is ensure you deliver high-quality bug reports, stay professional and engaged, show your ability to learn from your mistakes and improve.

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