Beta / MVP phase

User Story Testing is still in a very early stage, so there is currently no payout in place. Your contributions to the user stories count to the Activity calendar on your profile, we updated your calendar also for past contributions.

Why User Story Testing?

With this feature we want to provide confidence to our customers that the most relevant functions are working as expected.

What is User Story Testing?

The customer can add User Stories to their Features selected in an exploratory test. These User Stories will be presented in your interface and can be tested by you.

These are examples for the Feature 'Sign in'

Once you decided to test a User Story, you will be presented with the following options: 

Test the User Story with the device you are in the test (the device you see, when submitting a bug). Other devices are not relevant.

Choose "Works" if you have tested the User Story thoroughly and it works as described.

Choose "Fails" if you are experiencing a bug, you might want to submit one - if not submitted already or listed under "Known Bugs".

Choose "I'm blocked" if you can not test the User Story, please describe the reason for being blocked in the comment field.

How did you test?

Please describe here in a few sentences what you did to test the user story. There is no character limit, but please keep your feedback here short.

Important for the beta phase:

  • only a limited amount of customers have access to this feature right now
  • within the beta phase, there will be changes and we will learn from your and customer behaviour & feedback
  • your feedback is important, please let us know what you think here:
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