Why User Story Testing?

With this product, we want to provide confidence to our customers that the most relevant functions of their website/app are working as expected and have been tested. User Stories do also serve as a testing roadmap for how the website/app works and where bugs can potentially occur.

What is User Story Testing?

User Stories are short tasks that you are asked to perform in order to make sure that a certain function of the website/app works as expected. The customer can add User Stories to the Features they've selected in an exploratory test. You will see User Stories right above the Feature description. 

The number of executions per User Story is limited to 3, which means that the same User Story can be tested by 3 testers only. You can reserve a User Story execution before completing it. In this case, no other tester can claim this User Story execution and you will have your slot reserved for 30 minutes. This means you can take your time to execute the User Story in a proper way without having to be in a rush. The timer on the User Story execution page will show you how much time you have left to finish the execution until your reservation runs out. 

You can claim up to 3 User Story reservations at a time. 

Once you click on the button 'Start', the User Story is automatically reserved for you and you will have 30 minutes to execute it before it becomes available to other testers. 

You can resume executing the User Story you've reserved on the test overview page any time until the reservation time runs out. 

If all 3 executions of the User Stories have been reserved by other testers, the whole User Story will have the status 'reserved'. However, in case the tester who reserved the User Story execution fails to complete it in time, it will become available for reservation again and you can go ahead and claim it as long as you don't have 3 User Story executions already in progress.

If the User Story has status 'locked', it means that all available executions have already been completed by other testers in a test. 

User Stories will have the 'limited' state in case you already have 3 reservations in place and can no longer claim further executions. 

Important rule: If the User Story is meant to be executed on a specific device that is different from your requested device, do not claim this User Story. For example, if the User Story says that a certain function should be available on desktop but your requested device is mobile, please do not start this User Story.

Once you start the execution of a User Story, you will be presented with the following options: 

Test the User Story with the device you are in the test - your requested device (the device you see, when submitting a bug). Other devices are not relevant.

Choose "Works" if you have tested the User Story thoroughly and it works as described.

Choose "Fails" if the tested function does not work as expected. In this case, you might want to submit a bug report - if not submitted already or listed under "Known Bugs".

Choose "I'm blocked" if you can not test the User Story. Please describe the reason for being blocked in the comment field.

How did you test?

Please describe here in a few sentences what you did to test the User Story. There is no character limit, but please keep your feedback as short and precise as possible.

Once you've submitted your User Story execution, it will be marked green on the Test Overview page: 


Every User Story should contain an attachment in form of a screenshot that shows the result of your execution. The screenshot should contain the current date and the URL of the website or the app name. If you can not show this in one screenshot, you can upload multiple ones.

The screenshot should meet the general attachment requirements on the platform.

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