Why do you need my tax number/VAT ID?

When your tester profile states that your country of residence is within the European Union, we will ask you for a tax identification number. If you live in Germany, you can provide either your national tax number or your EU VAT ID. For any other EU country, we require a EU VAT ID.

All earnings are subject to income tax. Testers themselves are responsible to turn in their invoices to their tax authorities (if necessary).

Where do I get my tax number/VAT ID from?

You get your tax number/VAT ID from your tax authority. Please contact them if you have any questions regarding this number or the taxation of your income.

When do I get my payout?

Bug payouts and bonuses that you received in the current month will be paid with the next payment cycle next month. The whole process is explained in this article.

Why haven’t I gotten my payout yet?

Some banks need a bit longer for transfers than others. It can take some days until the payout is on your bank account.

If you requested an invoice until the 19th of a month and you still haven’t received your payment at the first day of the following month, please contact us via the support chat. We are happy to resolve the problem for you.

Why the money earned in the Test Cycle doesn’t appear in my Current Balance on Billing page after the end of the test?

Money is added to your balance after the customer reviewed all bugs in the test cycle. It may take up to 10 days after the test ended. Test Cycle gets archived once all bugs are reviewed by the customer. Then Test Cycle disappears from the left sidebar on your Dashboard and earned money is added to the Current Balance on the Billing page.

I requested funds to my PayPal account, but it turned out that it is not suitable for crediting such payments. What should I do?

You should use another payment method. Once you have new payout data ready to use to receive payments from us you need to update your payout data in Cirro: https://community.cirro.io/bills and then on the same Cirro page you can find the Bill PDF related to the payment that you requested but didn't receive because of your payment method. You need to provide us the Bill PDF, Old Payout Data used to request it, and the New Payout Data where you would like to receive payment.

When will I receive a promised bonus?

Participation bonuses will be paid by the Customer Success Manager within 10 days after the test end. This bonus will be paid independently from the test’s status.

If I am eligible for a bonus payment, to what bill will it be added? 

When you receive bonus payments on test IO platform, the payment procedure is the same as with the regular payouts. The bonus amount will be included in the invoice of the month, in which your bonus is credited to your account. For example, if you receive a dispute bonus in November for the bug report that was submitted in October, the bonus amount will be added to your November bill that you can request after the 11th of December. 

I have a different question or feedback!

You can’t find the answer to your question or you want to give us feedback to improve our platform or service? Please contact us via the support chat.

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