Increasing earnings as a tester takes time and experience. The two key attributes of our most successful testers are quantity and quality

Quantity is about participation. Testers are paid for every bug report they submit that is subsequently accepted. The more bug reports you submit, the more you are compensated. Similarly, the more test invitations you accept, the more opportunities you have to submit findings. 

Quality is about submitting well-documented bugs. In order for a bug report to be compensated, it must first be approved by the team leader of a test. In order for it to be approved, it must be a valid (real) issue and must be submitted in the proper format. Furthermore, the more severe a bug is, the more you will get paid. Focus on finding issues that severely disrupt customer experience and prevent someone from using a site for its intended purpose. Also, the better your bug submissions are, the more tests you will be invited to in the future.

Here is how bug report payments are tiered:

Taking the time to review Tester Academy articles will go a long way towards becoming more successful on our platform. Increasing earnings takes practice and willingness to learn.

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