While obviously we are grateful for your help, testing also confers benefits to our testers. Here are a few of the most frequently cited perks:

  1. Financial: Testing offers the opportunity to earn extra income and, since we pay our testers for every accepted bug report they submit, you are rewarded according to how much time you devote to our platform.

  2. Flexibility: Our tests run around the clock and we need people operating on all sorts of device-browser combinations. You can test whenever you want, from wherever you are!

  3. Experience: Many of our testers either come from the software engineering field or have QA backgrounds, are students studying related topics, or hobbyists looking to hone their skills. Testing offers exposure to a host of QA practices and provides invaluable experience that can be leveraged for future career aspirations.

  4. Community: One of the neatest things about test IO is our crowd of testers. These special individuals come from all over the world and bring an array of fascinating backgrounds. Being part of our Community, testers connect with diverse individuals who work together to provide feedback that makes an immeasurable difference for our clients.

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