Every tester is different. The more tests you participate in and the more bug reports you submit, the more money you can make. Our top testers end up earning around 1000 Euros each month.

Here are tips to maximize your earnings:

  1. Submit critical bug reports: The more severe the bug, the more you are paid. Look for bugs that e.g. prevent users from purchasing items, crash the site, or are otherwise disruptive. 

  2. Participate: The more test invitations you accept, the more opportunities you have to submit bug reports. Tests take place around the clock and in order to accept test invitations, you can accept test invitations on-the-go on your mobile device. 

  3. Read: Check out our test IO Tester Academy for an in-depth look at how bug reports need to be documented in order to be approved, what constitutes a critical bug report, and other helpful resources for honing your testing skills. 

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