You should add all of your physical and always available devices to your tester profile to ensure getting enough test invitations.

Only add devices that meet the following requirements:

  • It is a physically existing device. Emulators are not allowed.
  • It is not rooted or modified in any way
  • It is always available to you

If you contemplate buying a new device or installing another OS or browser, it’s interesting to know which ones you will get the most invitations for. In general, customers will often ask for more recent devices, operating systems, and browser versions.

Information to consider are statistics about the distribution of tests and a ranking of most common test environments on our platform in 2017:

Test cycle distribution (with edges)
Distribution of tests among different device types and operating systems in 2017
Most common test environments (with edges)
Ranking of test environments that were in scope in most tests in 2017

Out of scope environments

Although you are able to add certain environments for the devices in your profile, some are uncommon, discontinued, or outdated and may only be used for testing if specifically listed in the environments section of the test overview page. These are for example:

  • Opera Mini
  • Safari for Windows
  • Internet Explorer 10 and older
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