Crowdtesting is the concept of software testing with a group of external (crowd)testers that search for bugs/mistakes and submit usability suggestions (i.e. on a website or app) in order to improve and develop the website or app.

Testers can sign up on our platform and create a profile. You will need to submit details of your devices such as smartphones, browsers, and operating systems. will schedule tests and invites suitable (compatible) testers. One test run can last between a few hours and up to several days, depending on the scope of the test and customer requirements.

Bugs have to be documented and described accurately in order to be comprehensible for the developer.

Our experience shows, that not all of the reported bugs will get accepted. It can depend on the scope of the test cycle, or the customer or our own quality standards of bug reports. Sometimes the focus is to test certain fields only that are relevant for the customer. The more a tester acts in accordance with the briefing the higher the probability is of finding bugs which get accepted.

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