Bug reproduction is when you are able to reproduce a bug on your device.
You can also create a reproduction report where you are not able to reproduce a bug on your device. We call it a “negative reproduction”
A negative reproduction should show that function works, not that I could not reproduce it because of another issue, not the same as stated in the bug.

You can reproduce a bug by opening the original bug and hit the “can you reproduce this bug: Yes or No” buttons at the bottom left.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-06 um 10.45.01You need to state if you can reproduce a bug or not and which environment this is for.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-06 um 10.44.45

You can see in which environments a bugs has already been reproduced in the right sidebar.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-05 um 15.09.18

Create a reproduction directly from the similar bugs list:

You can also create a reproduction directly from a similar bug report. So if you realize your bug has already been reported when you are creating your bug report as it is shown in the similar bugs section, you can click on the reproduction button directly and upload your evidence.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 17.16.09.png

All important information:


  • 10% of the original bug payout per reproduction (max 0,50€)
  • Reproductions are only paid if the bug is accepted by the team leader and customer. The final payout will be triggered with the acceptance/rejection of the original bug
  • Exception: If the bug is rejected for one of the following reasons the reproduction is paid:
    • This is a legit bug but already known
    • This bug is not relevant to the customer and will not be fixed.
    • This bug is legitimate, however it is technically no possible to fix this bug
    • This bug only occurs in the testing environment and not in the live system


  • Attachments for reproductions should only show the most necessary informations

    • If you can show the issue with a screenshot attach only a screenshot
    • If you really need a video to show the issue the video should not be longer then 10 seconds, if you can’t show all necessary steps you might upload videos up to 1 minute
    • The video is not allowed to be longer as the original video in any case
  • Reproductions of crashes need to contain a crash log file
  • If you reproduce a bug that is not valid (eg. wrong environment or wrong device setup) your reproduction will be rejected


  • You can’t reproduce your own bugs
  • You can’t reproduce rejected or customer accepted bugs
  • You can only do one reproduction per bug
  • Reproductions of content bugs are usually not allowed
  • Reproductions which don’t comply with the rules will be rejected
    • Example:
      If you use a screencast instead of a screenshot
      If the screencast is too long and showing unnecessary steps
  • You need to show the date in the attachment
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