Content Bugs

Content Bugs are mistakes which concern the content of a page.

They include for example spelling mistakes or the quality of pictures/videos, links, downloads etc.

Content bugs are out of scope if not explicitly requested by the customer.

Content bugs include everything related to GUI, that is not functional (misalignments, pixel errors etc.)

But as soon as the content bug hinders a function such as when text is blocking a button, it can be reported as functional bug, even though it is not really the function itself that is buggy.

Out of scope

and will be rejected (examples).

  • Alignment or pixel issues
  • Bad quality (pictures videos)
  • Missing/broken links, in content and links that are not related to the function of the product.
    Links in a text (text is content) are out of scope.
  • Reproduction of content bugs, they will be rejected.

You can report

For example.

  • Text blocking a buttons function
  • Missing error messages
  • Wrong error messages
  • Missing/broken links connected to the function of the product
    Example: Links in the footer (function of the product) can be reported.
    Example: See video below.
     broken links never have a higher severity than “low bug” unless they prevent the key functionality.
    If more links with the same function are broken, it is one bug.
    Example: Links redirecting to different language versions of the product should be one bug.
  • Cross browser testing, if CSS elements are correctly working in browser A but not in browser B.
    Important: This is about for example scaling of elements, not about pixel or alignment issues. This kind of bug would be a low functional bug.
    Example below.
  • Broken functional GUI elements


For content bugs you will get a lower payout than for functional bugs.

Example – Functional broken links:

Why is this allowed?
This is allowed because after clicking a “button” in the drop drown it sends you to the wrong page. So the function of the button is not working correctly.


Example – Cross browser testing: