A bug is a software related issue. If something on a website or in an application is not working as it is supposed to, this “error” is called a bug.

Here at test IO we use the terms of “functional bug” and “usability suggestion”


Functional bugs are related to a functionality. If a button doesn’t work, the search doesn’t react to the user input, if an app crashes, or a product detail page isn’t or not properly displayed – it’s a functional issue. Every time you click and the website/app doesn’t respond as it should, it’s probably a functional issue.

Usability suggestions are suggestions for the customer to improve their product. It’s important to provide a good title and detailed description. Be precise and if needed add a screenshot to support your suggestion.


All bugs reported must be completed on creation and comply with our “Standards of Quality” or they will be rejected by the team-leader. The team-leader might also request additional information on bugs to verify it.

If this is the case you bugs will show on your dashboard listed under “bugs that need attention”, if you don’t give the requested feedback within 18 hours the bug will be rejected.