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New vs. experienced testers

Here at test IO we call our new testers “Greenhorns” and you will be a Greenhorn for your first 50 bugs.
After you posted 50 bugs we see you as experienced enough to know the basics of bug reporting here at test IO and you will lose your newbie status and all the advantages which come with it.
For a Greenhorn, team leaders will more often request further information if you forgot important steps or the quality of the bug is not good enough.

For testers which are not Greenhorns any more, the rules change a lot. Your bugs can be straight rejected for the following reasons:

  • Bad grammar (not just a typo)
  • Not understandable description or results
  • Missing important steps in the description
  • Wrong App/Product Section
  • Unclear bug title
  • Clearly not reading/understanding the test description
  • Incomplete evidence
    example: Attachments show a lot of stuff, but not what is important
    example: missing crash logs

So as a tester you should make sure every bug you submit fits the standards of quality and is as good as it can be.

Content bug rules have changed

We changed the rules regarding Content Bugs.
A detailed description can be found here.

Changed was for example:

  • Content bugs are not in Scope of any tests any more, as long as not explicitly requested in the test description, by the customer.
  • There is no 5 content bug rule any more
  • Reproductions of broken links are not of interest and will be rejected

Please take a good look at the changes, so all of your bugs can still be accepted in the future.