For every bug, there is at least one attachment required to show where and how the issue occurs.

If the bug is a static issue, a screenshot should usually do the job.
If the bug is a dynamic issue, a screencast video is necessary.

General Information:

  • New attachments have to be created for any bug or reproduction
  • It is prohibited to copy attachments from other bugs reproductions
  • The crash log is mandatory for crashes
  • If you submit bugs that appear on a desktop and on mobile devices, you have to submit a screenshot or a screencast for each device.
  • The maximum file size for attachments is 25 MB
  • Do not show any information (customer names etc.) from other test runs
    Examples: Invitation emails, tabs with other tests etc.
  • All relevant information must be displayed in English, or optional German if the bug report language is German.
    Example: Date, System information, Error messages etc.
  • You can use any common format for the date.
    Example DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY/MM/DD etc.


Please be aware:

  • The screenshot has to show the error
  • The issue has to be marked on the screenshot
  • The selected area of the screen has to be large enough, so it clearly shows where the bug is located
  • The screenshot has to be in JPG or PNG file format
  • The current date has to be visible on the screenshot, e.g. show the taskbar
  • For a website test, the URL has to be visible
Screenshot too small? right click -> Open picture in new tab.screenshot-engl


Please be aware:

  • The screencast has to show the important steps to recreate the bug and the issue itself
  • The screencast should only show the needed information and should not extend beyond 60 seconds
  • The screencast has to be in MP4 file format
  • At the beginning of the screencast, the date has to be shown
  • For a website test, the URL has to be visible
  • Sound is not to be recorded if not instructed otherwise
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