test IO tester ms_frodo shares his 5 top tips to crowd testing success!

1st tip: Thoroughly read test instructions before starting testing
Often some testers start testing, without reading all the test instructions. As a result many bugs raised by them are rejected with one of the following reasons: the most popular “bug is out of scope” and two less popular “this is not a bug” or “this bug is known”. This tip will allow you to escape rejected bugs, as result, keeping your tester ranking and not wasting time for nothing.

2nd tip: Increase quality of your bug report
When you start filling out the bug report, make sure that you include all important information needed to reproduce your bug. Improve your own English level (if it is not already very good) for writing bug reports grammatically correct and understandable for reviewer and customer. Use rule of three ‘W’ (What, Where, When) in your bug title. This tip will allow you to write quality bugs, as result again escaping rejected bugs. And one more plus, the reviewer and customer will enjoy working with you and your bug reports.

3rd tip: Ensure that your bug isn’t a duplicate
Before raising a bug, check the bug list and ensure that your bug isn’t a duplicate. Sometimes I firstly raise the bug and immediately after I check the bug list to ensure that my bug isn’t a duplicate. Most rejected bugs are rejected for the reason “this bug is a duplicate..”. This tip is very simple, but many testers forget about it and as a result, they have many rejected bugs.

4th tip: Check the full functionality of the app during testing
When you start to execute testing of the app, ensure that you checked all features inside this app. Sometimes, high or critical bugs are located in the most prominent places, I mean features like “upload button doesn’t work” or “unable to sign up via facebook network”. It’s not necessary to go to the deep into the app, in order to find some serious bug. You need to test thoroughly all app features to ensure they work correctly and find the most hidden bugs.

5th tip: Go hand in hand with the test platform
What do I mean? I mean that you should always read and review latest news and updates of the testing platform. Usually testing platforms update their rules of testing and your job can suffer, if you are not aware of the latest updates of your testing platform. Also, if you are a novice it’ll be useful for you to read articles, which are present on the test platform, because there you can learn a lot of useful things, which will help you in your job.

Keep in mind these rules and they will certainly help to improve your work.

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