Writing the perfect bug title

Often the bug title is easily overlooked as simply a necessary way of separating your bug from another bug, but hold on as you are missing a great opportunity to make your bug great. If you write a good bug title another tester or QA engineer should have a very good idea exactly what the issue is, how severe of an issue it may be and how likely they are to truly value your bug.

So let’s get down to the task of defining a good bug title. The title should be as concise as possible but contain all of the necessary information. Ask yourself what is the actual bug (tip: this is often not the result of the bug!) and put this information first. You also want to include some location information so another user can locate your issue. Finally, add any additional information to support your bug.

So if we use this approach with a real bug we get something like this:

[Issue] Location / additional information

[Broken button] Buy now button on summer savings page / Error #123 displayed.

[Crash] Sort menu / App crashes while opening the menu

[Infinite loading] Video on “know our product” page / When trying to play the video

Now go forth and make your bug titles as good as they can be!

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