Update 01/2016

We hope you had a successful start to the new year!

With the new year we would like to announce some changes that will affect your testing and bug reports.

We will also provide some tips to improve your testing experience with us and answer some of the frequently asked questions from our tester support team.

Important changes

  • Screencasts
    These will only be accepted as .mp4 files. Please make sure that your screencast can be played with Firefox & Chrome!
    (We had several issues with other formats in the past)
  • Your screencast should only show the reported bug +/- 10 seconds – try to avoid screencasts that are longer than 1 minute.

    Note: Video converter tools can create not playable/usable videos!

    You can find a selection of tools that creates an MP4 video directly here.
  • Tip:
    Screenshots are the best as PNG files. Make sure that your screenshot contains the bug highlighted. It’s easier to review and accept these bugs for our team leaders and customers.

Other changes / bug fixes

  • Bugs can’t be deleted anymore after they were reviewed by our team leaders.
  • You shouldn’t see already finished testcycles in your tester interface anymore.
  • The amount of testcase executions per tester is set to 1 per default.
  • Issues with uploading attachments should be fixed.
  • We’ve added new tablets & smartphone devices to the devices list.

Answer to frequently asked questions

Recover your password as a tester

That’s it for now – we hope this article helps you with your daily testing.

test IO – Community Team

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